About Gallery


Founders of the Gallery


Evhen Karas

Valeriy Karas, Matietta Levhanyan - Members of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.



Gallery Team

Evhen Karas – head of the gallery



2009 – Сo-curator of the “DeProfundis” project

2009 – Gratitude of the President of Ukraine for personal contribution to the development of the Ukrainian state and strengthen its independence

2003-2005 – Member of the Public Council under the Committee on Culture and Spirituality of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

2002-2004 – Co-founder and board member of the All-Ukrainian forum of creative young people

2002 – Co-founder and supervisor of the “Modern Art of Ukraine” Internet-portal

2001 – Co-founder and director of "Association for Contemporary Art in Ukraine"

2001 – Co-founder of the All-Ukrainian festival of Arts “Cultural Hero”

2000-2001 – Minister of Culture and the Arts Advisor

1998-2002 – Head of the Board of the Center of Contemporary Art (founded by George Soros).

1997 – Co-founder of the “Open night” Film Festival

1995 – Co-founder and member of the Association of Art Galleries of Ukraine

1995 – Co-founder and director of the “Art-synthesis” Gallery (1996 – renamed “Atelier Karas”, 2008 – renamed “Karas Gallery”) and International Charity Found “Gattamelata”


Zhanna Karas – art-marketing 

Lina Romanukha – content management

Sergi Stankevych – technical support

Zhaco - PR-management





Karas Gallery created one of the most systematic collections of Contemporary Art in Ukraine – over 300 works by the most famous Ukrainian artists, among which are A.Apollonov, A.Baback, V.Bazhay, V.Bondarenko, P.Bevza, M.Wiseberg, M.Geiko, A.Gnilitskiy, G.Grigorieva, B.Gubianuri, A.Druganov, A.Dubovik, A.Zhivotkov, I.Isupov, N.Krivenko, A.Krivolap, P.Makov, A.Matvienko, S.Panich, V.Pokydanez, V.Ralko, V.Reunov, A.Roitburd, T.Sylvashy, R.Saller, A.Suholit, Y.Solomko, O.Tistol, V.Tsagolov, V.Shereshevskyi, I.Yanovich.




Gallery Services

Organization and holding of exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad;

Artworks and collections examination (reliability, timeliness, cost);

Artworks selling;

Collections creation;

Lectures, seminars, workshops, conferences holding;

Gallery’s rooms and paintings rent;

Festivals and auctions participation;

Personal artistic and art-projects catalogues publishing;

Photography and Design Services;

Stretchers Production & Artworks Design;

Curatorial Services;

Storage and inventory of artworks;

Artists’ Presentation in the World Wide Web;

Information Support;

Artworks Certification.