Maksim Mirnov
"12 (360)"

5 august 2010 - 25 august 2010
Presentation - 5 august 2010, thursday, 19.00

The exhibition "12/360" in Karas Gallery will show 12 works from the series "360" (2008-2038). Each picture from the series is a particular month of the artist's life until 2038. Artist appeared in a situation of crisis when studio bought on credit was 2 times cheaper, and the rate of $ twice bigger. Now, the 30 years of artist life belong not only to him but also to the bank.

Thus, the picture appears once a month before the date of
retainment, as a conceptual reflection on the artist's feelings about "the meaning of life" and about exemption from the kind of modern "slavery."

Picture is a reflection of the amount of the monthly repayment made on a certain date.
Credit was taken for 30 years, and artist should pay 12.45% from May 2008 till May 2038.* Bank raised the percent rate interest rates by 1% during the crisis in August 2008. Accordingly, there are 23 paintings in the project. Picturesque strip in the middle of the canvas is the scale of author's feelings, the image of life month. The closer come 2038 year, the wider opens borders of the gray and bigger color part.


* Amount which drawn on the picture is also the monthly payment which artist should pay.

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