Oksana Chepelyk
"Dream Graphics"

7 october 2009 - 26 october 2009
Presentation - 7 october 2009, wednesday, 19.00

The idea was inspired by video installation «Origin/Beginning" and born during the exhibition of project "Genesis", New York, 2006. "The Beginning" was demonstrated at the International Festival of social sculpture and began to develop in the exhibition and events in Santa Fe and Los Angeles, autumn, 2007. Therefore, the next step was the beautiful cycle that began a smooth transition to the projects "Incubator" and "Dream Graphics" (or "Life Before Birth").


Dream Graphics - ultrasound research (synonym to  echo graphic, ultrasonography) which help to receive an image in real time, for the structures inside the human body using sound waves of high frequency from 2 to 10 MHz, which exceeds the line of human hearing (20,000 Hz, or 20 kHz). The subject of life before birth creates a special tension due to the expectation of unknown and because of a fatal demographical statistics in Ukraine. The project works with the theme of the country genetic found. Paintings created in a «motion» manner. Multiple fuzzy images of babies in the womb make a pectoral allusion, which refers to the notion of erased genetic information. Painting cycle "Dream Graphics" gives an image of fetus ultrasound research during pregnancy period: from the early days till childbirth.


Project could "accrete" by another context, resonating to specific problems: social inequality in the declared democracy, the influence of neighborhood war on fertility and health of children, thousands of orphans and homeless children in the Ukrainian cities of ... the public sphere is dissolved in the personal. Thus, the dichotomy between public and private space shows at the discretion of the viewer.


Ingenuity of the cool sonograms as post media painting shows an image of the fetus in motion in two-and three-dimensional real time 3D (4D) form, which is one of the most modern innovations in the latest technology of ultrasound.


 3-dimensional dream graphics better do at 20-32 weeks, ideally between the 24-th and 30-th. Some centers advise customers to come between the 28-th and 32-nd weeks, or later in order to get a close-up picture. After 32 weeks baby could lower into the pelvis, is almost impossible to get his 3D image during this period.


But exhibition is not about medium, but about the inner live, about women communication with her child during pregnancy. This particular two separated communication not only in the tactile level, when the baby is pushed or flipped inside. Talking with child inside, reading, singing and even dancing - a very intimate process. The " Dream Graphics " - is not only an attempt to verify the physical condition, but also attempt to talk about the inner life in spiritual level.

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