Robert Saller
"Man Woman Blackout"
живопись, смешанная техника

12 october 2010 - 27 october 2010
Presentation - 12 october 2010, tuesday, 19.00

Pop art, for the conceptualist Robert Saller, is only a tool: a comfortable (not change for easy) stencil aesthetics, one of the most accurate two-dimensional art methods of conveying the mood of our time. Modernity, in turn, mixed entertainment with market risks, fashion with tasteless, technology with personal relationships. Question about genre appeared more and more rarely, getting enjoy from the process itself.


This project - echoing with cartoon technology of Roy Lichtenstein - is not directed to the target of entertaining the audience. Nevertheless, this time Robert Saller included the interactive element, tribute to the common methods of information consumption. After all, the figure of the audience - experienced or not - with artists are always create the dichotomy of the dialogue. Although this case by asking specific thematic boundaries [man-woman], offers to focus the balance of power: only a spectator, and only a private.


The project proposes to use the full range of conceptblackout” with additional detailed visual instruction. Blackout [’blæk‚aʋt] [US] noun:

-          light shutdown on the stage

-          light masking

-          shading

-          camouflaging

-          absence of electricity light

-          obfuscation

-          lapse of memory

-          blindness for some time


Man on his nature, being a) social, b) pair. New project of Robert Saller "Man Woman Blackout" proposes to look on the emotional side of thesecond nature”. The viewer couldn’t get an answer to the question "what is the blackout?" from any of the texts, and even images. The answers in the reception of the exhibition, which will probably be felt only directly, in live. Fans of pop art, conceptualism, comics, unusual attractions, the famous pair of devilish Ginsbura Serge and Jane Birkin, and the cycle of Discovery "How does it work?" guaranteed to receive a dose of experience

Alena Emlyutina


poetry to the works: Vik Corvei (Uzhgorod)

sound: Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg “Je t'aime, moi non plus” album (1968), 69 cover version

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