Igor Karpenko
"Ideal World"

28 october 2010 - 16 november 2010
Presentation - 28 october 2010, thursday, 19.00

Building of ideal world begins from the perfect composition for the photographer. Our eyes keep the memory of the moving objects in field of view, but the camera lens can capture their presence at various points in this field, combining many aspects of life in one matrix. "Ideal images" appeared in such way, where we see a common space in the "compressed time". Everything that happens in front of the camera is an ideal material for constructing a composition point of being in a reality which lasted for several hours or days, but in the author's version of the photographer, there is one moment.


This moment, like layered on one another shots of film archive, can show the transparence of time nature, which in this ideal world is losing its sense of a linear calendar, become a photographer tools. Together we can observe a lot of "presence" in the expanded space, exposing our perceptions of helpful and informative transformation.

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