Konstantyn Rudeshko
"Stamps 2.0"

17 november 2010 - 6 december 2010
Presentation - 17 november 2010, wednesday, 19.00

«Perfomania»: next level

Each thing from the very beginning has the idea of contrast in itself. You should just change the angle of view - and the white becomes black, the drama turns into farce, and global collapses tripping over a particular. Famous philosopher Hegel came to the dialectical unity of opposites after notice this world feature around us. However, the bigger part of humanity more willingly watching them struggle.

According to the observations of Constantine Rudeshko, most of people are concerned about the primacy of the invention light lump rather than the laws of electricity itself. We are so leisure to refresh in over memory the essence of Hegel dialectic, much more important, that he was a Jew. To which country should belong the artist Kazimir Malevich? Many people, in disagreement, doesn’t care what he drought exactly - a black square, white cross, or an isosceles triangle.

However, the preference of particular geometric shape due to the physiologically dominant hemisphere of his brain. The figure of Kazimir Malevich - just one of the parts/reasons by which the artist reconstructs the unity of reality by synthesizing it from a discrete manifestations.

The conflict of mutually exclusive universal categories (abstract and concrete, different and common, large and small) lies in every artistic instrument of new Rudeshko project. Optical techniques cleverly used to the same aim. Fairly set eyes on the right edge of lenticular lens and black would be a white. Black, like thousands years ago, manifests itself through a contrast with white. Any object needs the light to cast a shadow. Light became the metaphor of "Perfomania."

The idea to skip the light flux through the holes - the continuation of pilot experiments of Konstantin Rudeshko with post stamps. The stamp itself has several utilitarian functions. Stamp becomes a means of payment isolated by perforation from the distribution list, stamps pasted on an envelope become a mediator in a personal communication, repaid postmark become an collectible object. However, every time she remains an object of art.

It is said that a big seen from a distance. But if we agree with Hegel that every Great invariably manifests itself in small things – we should simply change the angle and scale. "Perfomania" - an invitation to approach, regard the familiar object at the macro level. It is possible to recognize whole world through the perforation holes on the surface of a stamp, like in obscure camera - easily shared along the lines of separation, but one in essence.

Oleg Loshkarev

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