Group exhibition
"Artist Draw. A4, Ballpoint Pen"

29 december 2010 - 21 january 2011
Presentation - 29 december 2010, wednesday, 19.00

60 professional Ukrainian artists, amateurs and admirers of contemporary art are represented in the annual project of Karas Gallery "Painters paint. A4, ballpoint pen". The exhibition title responds to the works format, all images made on a white paper A4 by simple ballpoint pen.
The "A4" - this is an open competition and everyone can to take part on it. 199 works were selected this year. Many new names were open with a help of this project because of material accessibility.
Project portfolio for 2009 was presented as part of the exhibition.

Conditions of participation in the project

Office paper A4 and dark color ballpoint pen (not helium, not a marker, not a pencil). On the back side put a signature, and mentioned the date, name and authors contacts (phone, e-mail).
The images originals are accepted every day 10.30-17.00 until December 24, 2010.

Selected works are transferred to the project fund with the right to use, reproduce, promote and develop as a part of project and separately:
- public display of pictures in Ukraine and beyond its borders in the physical and electronic variants (Internet, multimedia, etc.);
- reproduction (integrally or fragmentary) - edition of project portfolio, posters, booklets, etc.

If the copyright belongs to other people (co-authorship, works made for order, obligation to others, etc.), written agreement of other side need to provide the work. The author, who gives his work for the project, therefore, confirms that she/he have read and agree with conditions of participation.

Drawings can be sent to karasgallery@gmail.com for consideration. The decision to include papers in the project makes the editorial board of experts consisting of influent Ukrainian artists, theorists, curators.

The selection of works to the exhibition is not a prerequisite for inclusion work to the portfolio. The works, which, by decision of the expert council were not included in the project, are returned to their authors within six months. After this period the project organizers not response for the works.

The organizers publish the project portfolio. The authors-members will receive one or more portfolio examples proportionally to the number of works included to the portfolio.

The organizers ready to review personal projects of similar format.

Portfolio are distributed to curators, theorists, artists, and transferred to public libraries, galleries, museums, educational and administrative organization.
Project participants:
Bondero, Aleksei Apollonov, Alexander Babak, Dennis Beketov, Helen Belyanina, Vita Buivid, Stas Volyazlovskiy, Tatyana Gershuni, Nina Denisova, Yuri Dzendrovsky, Ilya Isupov, Nikita Kadan, Irina Kostyshin, Yana Kuchmus, Olesya Lishaeva, Alexander Lutij, Malyshko Nicholai Anna Mironov, Anna Naduda, Marseille Onisko, Yuri Pikul, Victor Pokidanets, Vladimir Protsenko, Ilya Prunenko, Vinnie Reunov, Anna Savchenko, Aleksei Sai, Eugen Sambovsky, Olga Skorokhod, Somik-Ponamarenko, Andrew Stegura, Anatol Stepanenko, Vadim Harabaruk ("Poptrans"), Inna Hasileva, Hvoenkova-Efremov, Oksana Chepelik, Yaroslav Chernivchan, Vyacheslav Chepelyk-Kozhin, Natalia Shevchenko ("Poptrans").
Competition program:
DASE, Zigendemonic, Vitali Agapeev, Yuri Biley, Ivanov Dobrynya, Margarita Kiseleva, Taya Karas-Levhanyan, Karas Paulina, Oksana Nesenenko, Alina Potemskaya, Vadim Savchenko, Sadan, Asya Shulgin, Ilya Yarovyi, students of Bucha school #4 Form 3-A.

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