Dmytriy Kornienko,

Yuriy Pikul
арт-объект, живопись, инсталляция, фотография

14 july 2010 - 3 august 2010
Presentation - 14 july 2010, wednesday, 19.00

The exhibition neutralizes the traditional conflict between contexts of creation and representation of works of art - between the medium of creative studio and exhibition space. Of course, we will not tolerate a studio in the gallery, but will try with a help of accents create something. Why "Stuff"? Because art works and environment - the space of things. Geographical neighborhood of the studio and the gallery provides an opportunity to build the most adequately the desired sensation.

Artist Artholics


Dima Kornienko and Yuri Pikul create a dynamic cooperative couple of contemporary artists. They are hedonists in the art, possessed by "inner necessity" to create, fully and completely immersed in the art, absorbed in the production of new works. Their joint resistance to the outside world takes place in the common studio, where domestic fiction has long been inseparable from artistic practice.

The studio more looks like a matrix of experiments. It contains the trace of artistic experience and pockets of fresh ideas.

For example, recently Pikul start to meticulously write the toilet (!), in his characteristically hyper-realism style. Kornienko became interested in "soap" objects (cut them out of soap) and surreal scenes from oracal. In addition, the thirst for creativity calm by filming the videos, own poems, music and other art practices.

Self-sufficiency and a kind of social autism of these artists formed in inadequate strategy, absolutely contrary to the trend of contemporary art: to be promoted and fashionable to think of social patterns, profane art. Under such visible time discrepancy hiding rare for the actual artists quality of the craftsman and of the creator, for who be more important than seems. Maybe that's why their works about trivial things can be looking long; falling under the influence of the objects aura, guess puzzles of life in the studio. Artists strive to create images about which Kandinsky wrote, "leading their own independent, intense life as purely beautiful creatures."


Lucy Komarnickaya

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