Vinny Reunov
"Super Cover"

29 october 2009 - 18 november 2009
Presentation - 29 october 2009, thursday, 0.00

"Super Cover" is the contrast and fruitful combination of media and contemporary art practice.

"Super Cover" represents aesthetics of mass media replication as a cultural phenomenon and as object of personal attention. The cover takes quality and status of elite art when a painting-matrix transformed to a pictorial prints transcription while maintain the primary function of printing. Such foreign publications as: «Flesh Art», «Rolling Stone», «Art news», «Frieze», «Art-review», «Q»; among Ukrainian are "Salon" and "Expert" become almost religious artifacts. Magazine as an object of everyday life achieved an exclusive value. Art gesture guides us from the mass replication to art creation, not vice versa.

An unique experience in many areas of classical and contemporary art, wide range of technical means, help to find an absolutely adequate stylistic solution of technique for each edition - "oil prints".

Author of the project describes itself as "a widely unknown," and thus carefully balances between the concepts of individual and social. His unconventional artistic biography is closely linked with such cultural capitals like Moscow, London and Kiev. Among the exhibits: "Mercy" and "Vodka Sea" (Gallery on Trekhprudny in Moscow), "The Art of the Millennium End" (World Economic Forum in Davos and the National Gallery of Iceland in Reykjavik), "Humanitarian Help» (ICA, London), "Tour in Moscow "(London Film Festival).

Cover of the periodical edition together with external advertising media (billboard, city lights) creates a unique opportunity to attract the general public to the practice of elitist art in the regime of daily routine. "Super Cover" balances the glamor and extravagance of simply cover and bombast, restraint of just a picture, makes fusion of art and advertising. Before us is the gloss, brought to the monumental art.

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