Robert Saller
"Bad Beautifull"

16 september 2009 - 16 october 2009
Presentation - 16 september 2009, wednesday, 19.00

If he had possibility to be a little bit older, he would be a very bad child.
But as a pig he is very nice ...
"Alice in Wonderland" by L. Carroll

… Children - the most important in everyone's life. Remember when your baby smiled for the first time and said first word "Mom!", and then how you tried to cached him on the street when he rob a rattle from neighborhood kid, and how you present him a new car, which was not broken exactly one minute? What about painted by pens and pencils wallpaper? And pretty tiresome word "Why?" ...What could be more beautiful than a happy smile on the face of your child?

The parents have a desire to make a souvenir picture of the kid when they in the kindergarten age - a time when the fairy-tale characters seem real and can be friends easily. We propose you to order a children's portrait of your child...
...Children are beautiful and unique in all theirs conditions: they laugh or cry, sleep or play, or maybe they have a first tooth or they take first steps...

Children's portrait can be a wonderful gift for your family. Because children, as known, grow so quickly that we did not notice how our baby is already big, and goes into adult life. The cost of the portrait depended from several parameters: time, material and size...

...They provoke emotion, they are direct, sincere, open. And especially such picture has overvalued, she created to evoke memories, feelings of tenderness and love. For example, you can paint a portrait of your family or friends when they were children. Isn’t it a wonderful gift? You return their minds to time when there were no problems, when was home and there was no fuss, when quarrel was forgotten after a minute, and friendship was strong as a diamond. Please contact us for details...

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Adolf Hitler

Hitler several times tried entering to the Vienna Art Academy and each time failed in exams. Rector of the Academy said that Hitler’s drawings which he brought with him leave no doubt that he will not be an artist. But these pictures showed that Hitler had architecture talent and he must think about architecture department instead of art. He overcame brilliantly the first phase of tests - assessment of landscapes, nature mort etc. At that time he lived in homeless shelters, surviving on odd jobs - worked on construction, painting postcards and advertisements. At that time he managed to sell some of his watercolors.
According to most biographers, Hitler was a vegetarian from 1931 until his death in 1945. Nevertheless, vegetarian’s organizations and associations were persecuted during Hitler
hated tobacco and invoked to give up smoking. He organized large-scale program in Germany to combat smoking. When Hitler advent to power, laws against cruelty to animals were also tightened.
Hitler called himself a Christian, and during many speeches
spoke for supporting religion and Christianity.