PopTrans (group)
"Eye to Eye"

9 march 2011 - 28 march 2011
Presentation - 9 march 2011, wednesday, 19.00

PopTrans in action

Transcarpathia is a unique area. This is not an advertising slogan for improving tourism potential. It is pure truth. Anyone who tries to deny this uniqueness will get retribution - while trying to arrange a meeting, fighting with a strange Transcarpathian language and their peculiar features of cosmological theories, or during severe hangover caused by yesterday's presentation, where huge wicker bottle of house wine was the central element of the study.


Transcarpathia is the land where traditions are carefully preserved, though are freely transformed in a variety of ways. Maybe this orthodox “bo tak musay” (“cause it has to be like this”) is one of the few ways to preserve their identity.


Some people say that Galician and Transcarpathian region is actually one single subethnos. To think that we are on opposing sides - the same as sitting on opposite sides of the same Carpathians. Or to be on different sides of the same table for coffee. Maybe this explains the phenomenon of "transcarpathian invasion" to the cultural life of Lviv, which is clearly manifested in recent years.


Or maybe something else. It does not matter. You have to understand by yourself. Because exhibition of Uzhgorod’s oldest art group "PopTrans" in the "Dzyga" gallery shows openly and frankly all that is fancy in Transcarpathian region: familiar uniqueness and digital traditions, multiculturality and unlimited auto-xenophobia, stupid giggling and deep philosophical study, friendly comfort and solemn grandeur. In short, "AYTUAY" is an eye-to-eye, a tete-a-tete, two-way mirror and a fascinating dialogue.


Group members:

Vadym Harabaruk

Andrew Stegura

Pavlo Kovach

Marsel Onysko

Nataliya Shevchenko

Robert Saller

Viktor Pokidanets

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