“Edgar Degas. Sculptures”

17 february 2011 - 13 march 2011
Presentation - 17 february 2011, thursday, 18.00

“Edgar Degas. Sculptures”. Igor Voronov collection

In the frame of annual exhibition "Big Sculpture Salon", Mystetskij Arsenal, Kiev



Igor Voronov –project Maecenas

Evhen Karas – project curator

Karas Gallery – exposition, album design & publishing



“This exhibition is genuine and unique. First of all, the choice of Edgar Degas’s works is not random due to the fact that he is one of the most crucial figures in the Impressionism, who mastered practically all classical fine arts (paintings, drawings, sculpture). As it is known, impressionists contributed a lot into the art - they enhanced emotions, personal feelings and impressions, implemented an optically-spectral method. The prominent artist had a unique gift to capture moments of everyday life and canonize them with the help of art (everyday life of laundry maidens, dancers, musicians). Secondly, such a complete, full, and large-scale exhibition devoted to bronze sculptures of Degas is demonstrated in Ukraine for the first time. Thirdly, it is not only an exhibition, but also an attempt to revive a unique atmosphere of the Golden age of impressionism, reconstructed by visual installations and exquisite audio masterpieces of such renowned composers as Fauré, Debussy, Satie, and Ravel. Our ambition - is to make the oeuvre of world’s prominent artists available to a wide audience. Nowadays, it is very important that representatives of the national elite took more active public stance in the sphere of art, helped in development of moral values of our citizens, and positioned Ukraine as an effective cross-cultural partner”.

Igor Voronov

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