Robert Saller

30 march 2011 - 18 april 2011
Presentation - 30 march 2011, wednesday, 19.00



I used to believe that it was necessary to move in order to know the world. After many years my perception has changed.I could never understand the concept of being able to see the world from my bedroom window. “Lock all the windows, bolt all the doors” said Lao Tzu, or something to that effect.


I get it now. Everything I need to know to survive happily in this world can be learned right here in this small, Northern New York town. There is no need to go anywhere else. There is no longer any reason to escape.


The old man walking about town, the woman watching her small child negotiate the jungle gym, the middle aged gentleman seated in the cheap lawn chair on his neat front porch all know the secret to a happy life.


Listen carefully and the answers will come to you on the soft, summery, suburban wind.


Become part of the landscape. Belong somewhere.




F. J. Gouldner

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