Vyacheslav Mashnitskiy
"Kiss Evolution"

17 may 2011 - 29 may 2011
Presentation - 17 may 2011, tuesday, 19.00

Project of Kherson artist Vyacheslav Mashnitskiy is almost political. Vyacheslav became truly interested in the theme of private life of political leaders. It, in author’s point of view, has a direct connection with loyalty of political decisions and therefore with strong friendship relations between countries. For his artistic experiment author have chosen that part of the private life of politicians about which we know the less. It concerns the life behind the closed doors of the office. What is hidden there? Probably no one of us is indifferent to that sacrament. And while we are trying to guess Vyacheslav Mashnitskiy, due to his uninhibited and shameless imagination, gives us an eloquent answer.


Painting images and pompous office interiors are full of ironic subtext and nostalgia about the times that passed. The technique choice is not accidental as, in author’s point of view, it allows to transfer feelings and pathos of relationships and to fulfill them with aesthetic and metaphysic sense.


Really, if we forget about the uniting political subtext pictures look pretty good. Easy painting manner, bright colors, irony (so typical for Ukrainian Nouvelle Vague, that emerged in the ages of Perestroika) clearly disclose the general meaning and they might become interesting either for fans of new ideas or admirers of classical traditional forms.


Additional semantic sense is formed with soundtrack from German porn.

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