Aleksey Apollonov

31 may 2011 - 23 june 2011
Presentation - 31 may 2011, tuesday, 19.00

Portraits in collection of artworks by Alexey Apollonov always held a special place. On the one hand, they clearly inferior to the place of "metaphysical landscape", a perfect example of which the artist creates for years. On the other hand, background of his landscapes is usually full of human characters, too brisk, so that they can be ignored, too irrational, so they can be classified.

This time artist makes portraits of people of almost one social class, but in the end (as if he became scared of such classification cruelty) adds images of naked models and one and the only nature-mort “with fishes”.  “Nature mort” vector might seem a whim of the artist but it is just an explanation of the whole idea: sketches (and there were dozens of them if not hundreds) fell as leaf litter on the floor of the workshop forming additional and extremely interesting mosaic. When Apollonov noticed this unusual effect, he took it on the art plane, where he combined simultaneously from four to six sketches on a single surface. It looks as if several phases of realization of one idea where put together on one easel, and you can’t either take one of them off or see the final result.

An intermediate stage transformed into sustainability, temporal got its status of perpetual; additional appeared to be formative and fundamental.

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