Aleksandr Vereshchak

24 june 2011 - 11 july 2011
Presentation - 24 june 2011, friday, 19.00

The project “Silver” isn’t the first time when Oleksandr Vereshchak appeals to the Polaroid photography. This time overexposed, “bad-quality” snapshots, where light blurred borders and outlines and created unsteady reflection of the reality, became the subject of Oleksandr’s artistic interest.


Random choice of stories-flashlights developed sense of the visual echo – event that have just happened but almost immediately became something unreal, non-existent. Hints, spontaneity of characters, surrealistic plausibility develop “hic et nunc”* atmosphere, on the one hand, and indicate the space between milliseconds by “stopping the time”, on the other.


Generally, Polaroid snap-shots are associated with the process of almost immediate appearance of the image. Though there is also another feature of such type of the snapshot – each Polaroid shot is unique and can’t be repeated.



Oleksandr Vereshchak’s exhibition “Silver” – is an artistic interpretation of the shots of the daily, funny, solemn.


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