"Dance as a Time"

2 july 2011 - 2 july 2011
Presentation - 2 july 2011, saturday, 19.00

When deeply avant-garde practices of spatial manipulations (made in the name of demarcation oflife and artinter-borders and resulting erosion of life-art structure) reached their end, lost border still can be found in Time. This phenomenon is well-known in so-called time-based arts, especially in music, and John Cages play «4.33» can be a persuasive example.


In this very case “Dance as a Time” proposes to the spectator possibility “to see” the Time. Time-based Arts, according to Boris Groys*, are in fact Art-based Time - specific field of formation of Time which enables its potential perception.


In our studio we work with such questions as “Why do I look at this?” allowing our bodies to answer instead of our minds. Later we verbalize our experience as well. Discussion during which thoughts, reflections, questions become a part of the active practice of contemplation gives us material for performative intellection and influences further work. In turn, this work becomes an extension of the discussion, peculiar performative dialog between all participants of the experiment.


By exploring in our art laboratory temporal component of a person we get a chance to notice differences between “me” and “me”. These differences are in  forms that range from the tiniest change in the eyes of a participant of the experiment (a dancer or a spectator) to the total transformation of a person and they visually indicate the problem of life and art inter-relationship put in Time. Each dance – day by day during several months – was recorded on video. We have to use video medium to see the smallest changes in the dancer’s state, because they are not “created”, they “just happen”. 


We carefully collect material, leaving it without changes. As we can see, video composition develops itself. If we carefully watch this endless, probably a bit boring, sequence we can see Time as a series of changes – horizontal (those that happen inside things) and vertical (gradual changes of conceptual thinking that lie outside the dance).


Boris Groys “Comrades of Time” (


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