Dmytriy Kornienko,

Yuriy Pikul
арт-объект, живопись

13 july 2011 - 1 august 2011
Presentation - 13 july 2011, wednesday, 19.00

Storeroom is a peculiar symbol of the accumulation of operational and strategic reserve: materials, conditions, thoughts that were putted aside for the later and final comprehension and improvement. This is not the result of a period of creative life of artists Kornienko and Pikul in their workshop supplied by Karas Gallery at St. Andrew descent, which lasted about 2 years, but an exhibition- gratitude to this time. A number of peculiarities of the street, its creative, messy and artistic component supports as well as sharpens the opposition between the external, "exhibition” space of St. Andrew descent and inner space of the artist's studio – the zone where ideas originates every minute and creative process never stops.


Surrounding themselves with household items of different kinds, inevitably overgrowing with everyday things, Kornienko and Pikul incorporated those things into their artistic context and scheme of creative exploration, where art is not the result but an instrument for understanding reality. While Pikul describes, examines and "studies life", Kornienko - "sculpts" the second purpose of the object, trying to pull out the raison d'etre of the products of existence.


What Pikul and Kornienko achived during their "St. Andrew's descent period" will become clear only over some time, at a certain temporal distance. But now, this "St. Andrew’s" Storeroom allows us to experience the state of life and creative process, unfinished, stemming, overgrowing with new objects, meanings, ideas, the transformation and realization of which still lies ahead.


Storeroom is not an answer, but rather a question. And if you take the route of examining the artist, each item on the shelf pantry can be a book of additional meanings and personal stories.

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