Vlada Ralko

3 november 2011 - 21 november 2011
Presentation - 3 november 2011, thursday, 19.00

“Inside” - is a shelter of all that is actually deprived of its’ places. Clots remained in the memories which passed through a meat grinder of real-own and real- someone else’s, imagined-own and imagined-someone else’s, and have begun as a result to lead own separate life.


It’s like a memory which has sown the spores in the future, or a straight line connected with both final points – past and future. Thus, each "picture" projected at once in both directions – forward and back, corresponds with a real condition of things only as the conditional attribute which has been absolutely isolated from their logic qualities. Contrary to any logic, elements are gravitating and unite here approving thanking either to nonsense, or the sense, obvious is so excessive that it inevitably turns to nonsense.


This is just like a long and methodical repetition of the same word which transforms it into an unfamiliar sound. Such sound suddenly appears withdrawn from the meaning and it doesn't have a place in a usual phrase.


It is similar to redistribution of things, objects and contexts as a result of which they are withdrawn from public, privatized, involved by a greedy funnel of "internal", being embodied and being carried out definitively there – inside.




Vlada Ralko

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