Vlada Ralko
"Simple Things"

28 october 2009 - 7 november 2009
Presentation - 28 october 2009, wednesday, 18.30

"The most vivid manifestation of explicit - no more than a ghost. The main thing is always ripens in addition to the obvious, or logicaly obvious. The logic is constantly forced to overcome itself. Sometimes it seems that the truth just grows from nothing, from emptiness.

My own analysis method of the depicted object thinks to me quite logical, or rather those which attempts to my trying to find patterns that reveal the inadequacy of what is considered to be the rule. I'm starting picture from the most banal form or gesture, after destroy them where justified and logic definitely make the shell of my object weak, wandering for some time under the rubble and finally, exhausted, reconstruct the shape, and rebuilt it from the beginning.
Sometimes what I’m draw may seem such, in principle, that does not have any reason to be. Most often, the accidents chained my attention. Randomness, which recognized their own randomness as the true cause. Important is unimportant at first sight, devoid of the slightest sign of justification.
It remains, firmly rejecting any attempt to express the subconscious, just turn to enjoyment, which, according to Baudrillard, is bleeding value. Break up the code and finally get the freedom from the repressive logic. Simply remove the demarcation which separates the inner-secret from outer-evident. Just witness an "explosion of meaning without other thought".

Vlad Ralko

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