Group exhibition

2 august 2012 - 15 september 2012
Presentation - 2 august 2012, thursday, 19.00

In essay "The Writer on Vacation," French philosopher Roland Barthes ironically write about the social status of the creative personality, whose life is start to be an object of mythologizing: "In contrast to other workers, who change their nature on the vacation and, having got to the beach, becoming just the “spa visitor”, the artist is always and everywhere maintains its creative nature. Going to a rest, artists decelerate their humanity, but deity doesn’t leave them and he or she is a creator, just as King Louis XIV was a king even on the toilet seat."


The contrast between casual behavior and active internal creative process sometimes just so striking as, for example, the disproportion between the numbers of artist mentions in the press and the real demand for his work. The aureole of inaccessibility of modern works of art, created by hype in the media and auction houses, leads to the situation when many people even do not dream to get a picture of young and well-known artist, while the artist squeezes out the last paint from the tube and begins to draw the graph not because he/she was tired from the oil paints.


It is well-known that art institutions play an important role in today's art-space. Place in a "hot" gallery space is like a sits on the crowded sunny beach. The project "Art-Heat" - is primarily an experiment aimed to changing stereotypes of national art community. Perspective group of artists from different regions of Ukraine received three canvas sizes 80x60 and provocative summer home task - to draw the work which they would be willing to sell by a very low price. The audience, if desired, may become a participant of the project by reading the conditions on the facebook: http://www.facebook.com/events/397441000305280/permalink/397726493610064. The results of the action will be published in a specially created group.


Participants of Art-Heat"

Daniil Galkin
Yaroslav Kolomichuk
Dmytro Kornienko
Maksym Mirnov
Elena Naumenko
Marsel Onysko
Yuriy Pikul
Victor Pokidanets
Ilya Prunenko
Denys Salivanov
Andriy Sydorenko
Andriy Stegura
Ruslan Tremba
Vadym Kharabaruk
Victor Kharkevych
Natalia Shevchenko


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