Vita Buivid
"Dream Interpretation"

9 december 2009 - 30 december 2009
Presentation - 9 december 2009, wednesday, 19.00

One of the brightest characteristics of the Ukrainian mentality is an unshakable inner mysticism. Typical Ukrainian girl didn’t need to keep a dream book at home: they already know what and for what they need to dream. The first association of course about Gogol's "maiden", but long before Gogol about Ukrainian mysticism thinking philosophe Grigory Savich Skovoroda. Vita Buivid well known these both outstanding mystics - she was born in Dnepropetrovsk, some period of life lived in Poltava.

The exhibition "Dream Interpretation" includes two projects of Vita Buivid: "Fast Dreams" (2006) and "Corporate Dream" (2009). These projects are very similar despite of three years difference: they both appeal to the Academic Russian art, for his works and textbook genre gradations. In addition, they are explicitly appeal to aesthetics of Soviet kitsch, creation of specific images and types-portraits.

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