Group exhibition

11 september 2009 - 27 september 2009
Presentation - 11 september 2009, friday, 19.00

Aleksei Apollonov, Alexander Babak, Vasyl Bazhai, Vadim Bondarenko, Marco Geiko, Druganov Alexander, Alexander Zhivotkov, Anatoly Krivolap, Victor Pokidanets, Vlada Ralko, Alexander Roitburd, Robert Saller, Tiberii Silvashi, Marina Skugareva, Oleg Tristol.

  “ ..always look in a small print”

Autonomization of the creation directive from the absolute prerogative of artist domination becomes one of the latest fashion trends of advanced gallery owners from western Europe and on the south coast.

More and more presentational and commercial exposition makers and promoters appear with the author's initiative of creativity, materializing their own experience of artistic elite life style.
In this context of functional evolution exhibition-concept "Fragments" of Eugen Karas visualizes novel-
literal directives as fresh-remixes of high technology and tradition of picturesque inertia, opens the fruitful prospect of low-cost reproduction of decor interior bourgeois.

Curator V. Reunov

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