History of Building


Specific of placement


Modern dynamics of art in the gallery harmoniously combined with historical vehicle of the building. Space, in which gallery located, built by unknown architect in 1857 year at the one of the most loved and famous Kyiv street - Andrew's Spusk. This street curls over old Kiev places (shafts on which based city) and belongs to the historical and architectural reserve "Ancient Kiev". Street also famous as a traditional place for holding the exhibitions, festivals, anniversaries, public celebrations. 



The owners of House


The first owner of the house, how it’s written in the memoirs of the famous Ukrainian composer and conductor Alexander Koshic (1875 - 1944), who lived there later, was the same Sirco (Serkov), which is depicted in the popular comedy of Michael Staritskij "For two rabbits." Alexander Koshic wrote: "Going to the Vozdvyzhenska street from my house I stopped at the corner of our building near the forgotten wicket, and knew that there was sitting on holidays immortal Pronya Prokopovna and waited Galahvastov (as says Ivan Iosifovich, he also not an imagine person but real, said that he knew him by himself, and he knew also his studio on Alexander street". 


Since the late nineteenth century building owned by Kiev townsman, a merchant of the second guild Ivan Iosifovich Shatrov. Shatrov was a well-known jeweler, owned an iconography iconostasis studio, was a member of the Orphans Court and the Commission of Podolsk district, the honorary keeper of the business part of the Kiev Theological Seminary (Voznesentskij Spusk, 22) and as well as the Head of the Management Board of mutual artisans and merchants Sergeant of Podolsk neighborhood. 


At the beginning of twentieth century iconographer P.F. Shtronda rented room in this place which belong to I. Shatrov, He also owned the icon-painting studio. "Society of Artists of religious painting" was in the building 22-b in 1909 – 1919.



Prehistory of gallery creation


The building is constantly attract creative people and became a place of Kiev bohemia meeting. And in 1986, Ukrainian artists Valery Karas and Marietta Levhanyan get the place for art- studio at Andrew's Spusk 22a (letter "A") by the resolution of USSR Council of Ministers. Since that time, space becomes a desirable place for communication of creative elite, space of esthetic interesting meetings. In 1995, the head of Holy Cross Church father Varlaam hallowed buildings. And from that time "Karas Gallery" started her art-actity.