Sil-Sol (Facebook group, art-marketplace, since 2020)

Sil-Sol group is the largest moderated platform in Ukraine for the sale/purchase of contemporary visual art directly from artists in a low price range.

About the Sil-Sol project: gallery owner Eugene Karas and international curator Marat Gelman initiated the creation of the Sil-Sol group (originally Salt and Pepper) in the spring of 2020 on the basis of a social network: in the Facebook group, artists can offer works directly to buyers with a deduction of 10% of the sale for platform moderation.

There are two main selection criteria: mastery of art and a price of up to 26,000 UAH. Although in the end the cost of most of the presented lots does not exceed 8,000 UAH.

The initiative stirred up a temporarily frozen art market and created a precedent: active sales, an influx of a new consumer audience and the opportunity to catch the work of artists with a name – for example, Oksana Mas or Nina Murashkina, Stas Volyazlovsky or Nikita Kravtsov.

Sil-Sol co-founder Eugene Karas explains the idea of ​​the group simply: “World-famous artists have works of different price categories. In the democratic segment – engravings, drawings, silk-screen printing, T-shirts with author’s prints, small works. In the upper price segment – format works. The Ukrainian art market is not yet so developed, our artists have almost no variability in supply. And for works in the lower price segment, there was no moderated platform for sale until Sil-Sol appeared. And its popularity was ensured by professional moderation, direct contact between artists and buyers, real-time transparency – who, what, from whom, when and for what, plus a clear price range. And a community with an educational component.

“We regularly conduct live broadcasts, responding to the requests of the group members. When a copyright issue arose, lawyer Sergey Glotov, a specialist in copyright and IT law, was invited. To talk about the nature of thinking and creativity – they invited the famous philosopher Sergey Datsyuk, to talk about consciousness from a physiological point of view, they invited the biophysicist and neurophysiologist academician Oleg Krishtal to air. The topic of conversation with Oksana Mas was the creative process from the point of view of the artist,” says Eugene Karas.

In February 2022, the group already has almost 60 thousand members and their number is only growing!

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