“А4, ballpoint” (2006-2019)

Karas Gallery announces the collection of works for the 12th annual art project “A4 Ballpoint Pen.”

“A4 ballpoint pen” can be called one of the most ambitious art projects of contemporary Ukraine without exaggeration, since it has been going on for 13 years and at that time more than half of the authors have united under their auspices: meters of contemporary art, amateurs, writers, poets, musicians, architects, couturier and just creative personalities. The project collection has more than 4,500 works and is considered the largest collection of works by the ballpoint pen in the World. Among the authors of the project are such well-known artists as Apollonov, Babak, Roitburd, Ralko, Chichkan, Bevza, Zhyvotkov, Isupov, Kryvolap, Bludov, Volokitin, Gusev, Reunov and others. The project is rapidly developing, gaining new supporters and open to new ideas and names.

Details of project are highlighted on facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/A4.ballpoint/