Ukrainian collage (Book Arsenal, 2021)

Collage (Fr. collage – gluing), as a technique occupies a special place in the history of art.

The collage traditionally combines different materials, but we emphasize its paper component in this project, as it is organically combined with the Book Arsenal Festival, taking into consideration that the majority of authors use paper clippings of magazine and book offset printing.

Given the environmental trends of upcycling and recycling, when the material from which the work is woven adds more drama and a sense of archaeological value, plus a completely postmodern application of “citation”, layered from fragments of “phrases” that collide in contradiction and harmony – “Collage” is becoming a state-of-the-art and relevant genre of the art scene.

Mobility and accessibility, both in the creation and in the perception of collage, around the world creates communities and centers that unite thousands of authors and connoisseurs of this genre. The “Ukrainian Collage” project can become an expected permanent organic satellite of the book fair, provoke a wave of interest, inspire a new camp of Ukrainian collagists and include in its orbit already famous Ukrainian artists.

Initiators: Oleg Vasylenko, Eugene Karas

Curatorial group: Eugene Karas, Olexander Lyapin

From the Art Arsenal: Olexander Solovyov, Solomiya Savchuk

Exposition: Eugene Karas, Olexander Solovyov, Solomiya Savchuk