“DeProfundis” (Mysteckyi Arsenal, 2009)

State Directorate for Affairs

Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Institute of Archeology NAS of Ukraine

Art Arsenal


Days of the Art Arsenal

On the Independence Day of Ukraine

Initiated by Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko



(from the depths…)


  • Trypillian plastic art (5000 – 3000 B.C.)
  • Ancient Sculpture (5000 B.C. – XIII c. A.D.)
  • Folk Sculpture (XVII – XIX с.)
  • Baroque Sculpture (XVII – XVIII с.)
  • Alexander Archipenko: classical Avant-garde (XX с.)
  • Contemporary wooden Sculpture (XXI с.)


Virtual Concert «Antology Of Ukrainian Choral Music»

Concert «Dmytro Bortniansky & Ukrainian Piano Music Of The Xxth Century»

Video Installation «Inner Lands»

Multimedia Performance «Cup Of Miserere»

Media Installation «Cannon-Ball»



Curator of the project

Evgen Karas & Natalia Zabolotna


«DE PROFUNDIS» (from the depths…)

Thousand-year history concentrated in artefacts. History which can be sensed by touch.

DE PROFUNDIS – is an endeavour to reveal essential substance of human desire for creation. Touching the handmade surface we can reach the depths.

Collected pieces are the result of concentrated spiritual work. Intensive concentration is the characteristic feature of sculptors from antiquity till nowadays. It provides artists the ability to put on the air cultural impulses of generations.

Plastic art, as a diaphragm of evolution, allows to trace formation of human identity – through everyday and sacral objects, small statuettes and monumental statues up to contemporary multitude of forms and colours. It shows us history of striving for balance between spiritual and material. Creative work is an attempt to visualize, materialize this striving. Incredible marathon of centuries – «nuclear acceleration» brings us to new understanding of the antiquity, present, and essentially moment, which exists here and now.

Memory of individual dissolves in collective memory, in community of experience. To recognize means to turn on the memory. DE PROFUNDIS appeals to collective memory. Without others memory turns into amnesia. Memory gaps make possible encounters of past and present, outer and inner, things and recollection of things.

As Lina Kostenko said, «It is a paradox of young State with millennial culture». Exposition of plastic art, from Trypillia to contemporary sculpture shows position of Ukraine in world historical and cultural context. Anthropomorphic steles of  North Prychornomoria and Archipenko’s sculpto-paintings are fundamental contributions to plastic art of the world.

The purpose of the project is to reveal the background and expectations, accentuate determinative periods, give guiding line in labyrinth of history. Visitors have a chance to feel the moment of elevation, fill with special mood, which originates inside Art arsenal.

Building of Old Arsenal is a place of cultural conflict, paradoxical layer of spiritual and material, peace and aggression. Military facility was built on the place of former convent, martial masculinity replaced  gentle feminity of prayerful place. Nowadays area of Arsenal takes on new significance and becomes art and performance space, which gives allows visitors to experience connection with a contradictory urban culture of ancient city of Kyiv.