“Borders of reality” (NordArt, Budelsdorf, 2021)

“Borders of Reality” is the largest Ukrainian art project.

Presentation of contemporary Ukrainian art as the main project at the largest annual international art exhibition in Northern Europe NordArt 2021, Germany, Büdelsdorf

(north of Hamburg), Kunstwerk Carlshütte, Vorwerksallee 3, 24782


22 thousand m2 total area of ​​the pavilion and 80 thousand m2 total area of ​​the sculpture park

Over 200 selected artists from around the world


June 5 – October 10, 2021

NordArt Chief Curator: Wolfgang Gramm, NordArt Co-Curator: Inga Aru

Founders of Kunstwerk Carlshütte: Hans-Julius Ahlmann and Johanna Ahlmann


Kunstwerk Carlshütte is a non-profit cultural initiative of the ACO group of Büdelsdorf and Rendsburg (Kunst in der Carlshütte gGmbH)

NordArt Ukraine 2021 – the main project of the focus country at the NordArt exhibition – the Ukrainian pavilion



Project curators: Eugene Karas and Daria Momot

220 works by 21 Ukrainian artists

2 thousand m2 of project exposition area


Project patronage:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany Andriy Melnyk

Project Commissioner: Olexander Tsegolnik

Art manager and photo documentation: Olexander Zakletsky

Director and cameraman: Olexiy Leskov

Assistance in the exposition: Sergiy Panasenko

Coordinator: Dasha Ozerova


Organizer: NGO PAG

Partners: GO Cultural Assembly

Organizational partner: Karas Gallery, Association of Contemporary Art Workers of Ukraine


Contribute: I Gallery



  • Vasyl Bazhai #VasylBazhai
  • Artem Volokitin #ArtemVolokitin
  • Andriy Dudchenko #AndriyDudchenko
  • Ihor Kanivets and Margarita Sherstyuk #KanivetsSherstyuk
  • Eduard Kolodiy #EdKolodiy
  • Maria Kulikovska #MariaKulikovska
  • Olga Kuzyura
  • Mykola Lukin
  • Mykola Malyshko #MykolaMalyshko
  • Roman Mikhailov #RomanMikhailov
  • Sergiy Panasenko #SergiyPanasenko
  • Anastasia Podervyanska #AnastasiyaPodervianska
  • Ludmila Rashtanova #LudmilaRashtanova
  • Masha Reva #MashaReva
  • Andriy Roik #AnriyRoik
  • Andriy Sagaydakovsky #AndriySagaydakovsky
  • Oleksiy Sai #AlerseySai
  • Andriy Savchuk #AndriySavchuk
  • Nazar Symotuk #NazarSymotuk
  • Oleg Tistol #OlegTistol
  • Alona Tokovenko #AlionaTokovenko
  • Synchrodogs: Roman Noven and Tetyana Shcheglova #Synchrodogs
  • “A4, bag handle” #a4ballpoint


Eugene Karas, co-curator of the “Borders of Reality” project, recalls the idea, the theme and the exhibition itself:

“Knots of tension that constantly arise in different parts of the world indicate the need to modernize traditional interstate and intrasocial interactions, since they cannot withstand the collision of the reality of different communities. Each side of the conflict has its own vision of justice, therefore, their actions are logical within their understanding of the world.

In this context, Ukraine is a place of conflict between European traditions and a break with the metropolis, a place of modern national genesis and a conflict of the integrity of state borders, a place of dubious objectivity of the media and online manipulations, a place of a test drive of international contract law. After all, a developing country with unstable economic and liberal institutions becomes a marker of discredited humanitarian norms, is able to indicate the global vector of development of the historical situation and predict the near future.

Art asks questions and seeks answers about what it means to be human in the absence of the boundaries of reality. We can witness how art explores and compares new acquired experience with previous civilizational heritage in order to develop a new conceptual apparatus for navigating in a world where realities, having lost boundaries, collide, overlap, intersect, conflict and seek understanding.”


Dr Andrij MELNYK, LL.M.Ambassador of Ukraine to the Federal Republic of German:

“For me, as an Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany, it is a special pleasure that
Europe’s art mecca in a picturesque Büdelsdorf, NordArt 2021, has chosen
Ukraine as the country of focus. In the wake of the Revolution of Dignity and
in the face of numerous challenges, Ukraine, the largest country in Europe and,
above all, a great cultural nation, is experiencing a true renaissance.
We are proud that Ukrainian contemporary art is being increasingly recognised and appreciated in the world.

Ukrainian artists have now become veritable
ambassadors of this new Ukraine which is confidently returning to the international art scene.

The honour bestowed on Ukraine at this year’s NordArt exhibition is a true recognition of its progressively growing role in global cultural
life. It is therefore a great feeling for me to take over the patronage of our strong
delegation presenting Ukrainian art in Northern Germany.

The Ukrainian pavilion’s rather symbolic name – “The Borders of Reality” – is
to lay out the harsh reality of life in Ukraine for the world to see. With ongoing
armed aggression by its Northern neighbour, along with an unprecedented
propaganda and disinformation campaign of the latter, Ukraine has to fight for
its identity and assert its independence day after day.
I am thrilled that, at NordArt 2021, Ukraine will be represented by a number
of its greatest artists who will surprise the audience with an extraordinary
contemporary art show and vivid imagination.
I cordially invite you to take this art journey and rediscover contemporary


Dmytro KULEBA Foreign Minister of Ukraine:

“Art unites. It unites countries, peoples and generations. It draws them closer
together and fosters mutual understanding, culminating in a powerful driving
force for sustainable development of global civilisation.
NordArt, the largest contemporary art exhibition in Europe, in a charming corner of Northern Germany, could rightfully be considered as one of the paramount places that generate such energy.

In 2021, over four months, more than
200 world’s finest artists will immerse the viewers in a captivating world of
international contemporary art in a wide variety of genres.
The honour of being chosen as a country of focus at the major European art
event of the year is a significant step towards Ukraine’s return to its deserving
place on the art map of the world. After all, it was Ukraine that gave humanity
such outstanding talents as Kazimir Malevych, Mykhailo Boichuk, Ivan Aivazovsky, Ilya Repin, Mykhailo Vrubel, Ivan Marchuk, Anatoly Kryvolap, Emma
Andievska and many others. Ukrainian artists have created masterpieces across
countries at all times and continue doing so, leaving their invaluable contribution to global cultural history.
Currently, Ukraine has to defend its territorial integrity, including the right to
independently define its pro-European and Euro-Atlantic course against the
encroachments of those who dream of restoring the Soviet Union. At the same
time, following the decades of isolation under the Bolshevik regime as well as
relentless oppression and suppression behind the Iron Curtain, Ukrainian contemporary art is celebrating a new renaissance and seeking its identity in the
world culture.
We consider Ukraine’s honourable mission at this prestigious European art event
as an opportunity to showcase the achievements and diversity of Ukrainian art,
but also as a recognition of the significance of Ukrainian culture as an integral
part of the European one.
I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to NordArt
for this special interest in Ukrainian contemporary art, along with my admiration for the tremendous efforts put into organising such an extraordinary event.
Also, I would like to pass on my thanks to the NGO Perfect Art Group for organising the Ukrainian Pavilion in an exceptionally professional manner.”

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